DELL P6YD6 Latitude E5430 E5440 E5530 E6430 E6440 E6530 9 CELL Battery


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DELL P6YD6 Latitude E5430 E5440 E5530 E6430 E6440 E6530 9 CELL Battery

The DELL P6YD6 9 CELL Battery for Latitude allows you to spend more time away from a power source, with this long life, high quality, 97Whr, Lithium Ion upgrade to your DELL Latitude notebook. Lithium Ion technology allows you to use all of the power available, without fade or a drop in power. These high quality battery cells ensure you do not suffer from the “memory effect” if the battery is not completely depleted of energy, before being re-charged.

Genuine DELL branded products ensure 100% compatibility and safety. We do not suggest buying from any unknown or unqualified source, always ensure you are purchasing a CE approved, original product to avoid any problems. Comes complete with a 1 year warranty and being an original DELL product, you do not need to worry about invalidating your notebook’s factory warranty.

Trade and volume enquiries welcome. If you can not see the DELL Part you require please give us a call.



Type: Li-Ion Battery
Cells: 9 Cell
Capacity: 97Whr
Voltage: 11.1V
Warranty: 1 Year
Condition: NEW

Extends from rear of Laptop: Yes

Part Number: P6YD6
Alternate Part Numbers: M5Y0X,  P6YD6


DELL Latitude E6440, E6430, E6420, E6420 ATG, E6420 XFR
DELL Latitude E6540, E6530, E6520
DELL Latitude E5420, E5430, E5440
DELL Latitude E5520, E5530, E5540


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